Health Care

A1A Valet offers professional valet services for a wide variety of healthcare facilities and hospitals. We partner with health care managers to provide outstanding customer service for patients and their families and guests. Our health care division provides additional benefits targeting patient satisfaction and services which most hospitals do not have the in-house resources to accomplish. Let us help differentiate your medical facility from the rest.

Our operations include many of the same services that you would find while visiting a luxurious hotel. Patients, visitors and even staff are included in our model which provides convenience, safety and impeccable customer service.

  • Welcome patients, families and guests to the Hospital or Medical Center.
  • Assist with wheelchairs, luggage, etc.
  • Provide Hospital and/or Medical Center information.
  • Safely park and store their vehicles at no charge.
  • Call number given to the patient, family members, guests and offices to notify the valet staff when they are leaving so their car will be immediately available upon their departure.
  • Provide external and internal signage with both the valet services and the facilities logo introducing this hospitality service.
  • Multiple communicating valet kiosks for large hospitals adds convenience for patients and visitors.
  • Valet Parking for on call staff or emergency physicians.